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School Dining Area Budget Makeovers

For some years this Sign & Graphics Specialist from Derby has been involved in Designing, Manufacturing and Fitting Decorative Panels to transfom tired and old fashioned School Dining Areas. By making these areas more colourful, modern and appealing for the students to spend their lunchtimes in, they reduce the amount of students leaving the school premises in the middle of the day.

School Food Hall transformed

A Coat of Paint, 3 Signs, 3 Pelmets....Transformed!

School Dining Area Budget Makeovers

These are not "Shop Fitting" quality projects but more of a "Makeover" finish! Instead of the school, Catering Company or Council paying for days of tradesmen's time on site this company concentrates on producing cover-up panels that quickly and economically cover up the existing often dingy brown varnish. The typical 60's school hall look! Most projects are completed in a day.

School food counter signage

Sometimes Staff or PTA Paint The Room & The Graphics Company Finish Off!

School Dining Area Budget Makeovers

Even boring ,clinical looking Trollies can have a facelift at a fraction of the cost of a new trolley. Everything follows the same theme. Often the students get involved in designing the logo or deciding on the theme, thereby creating ownereship and an element of self policing helps to reduce vandalism too.

Food cabinet in a School

Old Trollies Made To Look Like New, Trendier Too!

School Dining Area Budget Makeovers

To date, this Derby based Sign and Graphics Company have undertaken well over 40 projects in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Schools. Projects vary in complexity and of course price. They have ranged from about £750 to over £3000. All of the ones shown here are at the cheaper end of the scale and schools can get a reasonable re-vamp for around £1500.

Pizza bar in a local school in derby

"Top Rock Cafe" Sounds So Much Better Than "The Dining Room"!

School Dining Area Budget Makeovers

The photo below shows the typical Dining Area in a hall......would YOU enjoy eating in a sports hall?

how the school looked before the signage

BEFORE - It's A Sports Hall!

School Dining Area Budget Makeovers

Often themed to promote Healthy Eating, They are a much nicer environment to have a meal in. Head Teachers and Catering Departments have commented on a marked improvement in numbers of students taking School Meals or staying in school after the "Makeover".

After the transformation took place

AFTER - It's A Designated Dining Area Promoting Healthy Eating!

Head Teachers love the Makeovers from a Safety angle as it keeps more students within the school where they can be monitored rather than wandering the streets.

Catering Departments consider it a positive step to increasing sales and profits.

And the Students eat in a nicer environment!

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