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Illuminated Signs - Internally Illuminated Lightboxes

Enabling 24 hour, round the clock advertising and promotion, The internally lit sign box is one of the simplest and yet effective means of achieving an Illuminated Sign. With the endless options and styles of graphics that can be achieved with Large Format Digital Printing, promoting your business has never been so good. They are good value for money too. In the hands of the right Graphic Designer they are a powerful Sales Tool.

Large illuminated sign in Derby

An air of quality and refinement is portrayed with the use of Real 22 Carrat Gold

Illuminated Signs - Internally Illuminated Lightboxes

This shows how well they work at night giving round the clock promotion. With a simple slide-in face, they can be changed quite easily and by having Self Adhesive Vinyl as the Graphics Medium, one can re-use the fascia panel. It even has an excellent re-sale value when one moves premises.

Car garage illuminated sign

A "No Frame" simple cheap sign but a missed opportunity with the windows!

Externally Illuminated Signs

A number of options are available for externally illuminating a sign including swan necked over hanging lights or strip lights. The advances in LED Lighting has seen a change in lighting effects over the last few years. it is always worth checking out LED's as an option although the initial outlay is more. Unlike Flourescent Tubes they don't just "Blow" but rather fade over a period of time thus giving you notice of a change required. They last a good number of years before replacement too.

Front lit illuminated sign

Swan Necks Giving Front Illuminatioin To A Sign With Moulded Letters

You should regularly look at your existing Signage and Marketing Products and make sure that you are not being left behind. A complete overhall of your Corporate Image is a positive step to increasing sales and profits!

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