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House Number Signs - Perspex Acrylic On Stand-Off Fixings

This supplier makes House Number Signs from Clear Acrylic and supplys them with four Stand-Off Fixings that are easy to fit for anyone with minimum DIY skills. They are all Individually Designed and produced in various sizes. They are all hand made and start from around £50 which includes up to three designs for your approval and the four Chrome Plated Solid Brass fittings! They are very easy to maintain too.

Stand away house numbers

A Classic And High Quality House Sign - This One With Etch Effect, Black And Clear

House Number Signs - Perspex Acrylic On Stand-Off Fixings

With a coloured background applied to the rear of the Perspex in a wide range of colours and then Lettering applied to the front it gives a 3D effect and a very high gloss. Classy and Crisp Lookiing!

Red house number

Deep Red Background To Match The Door With Black And Mirrored Silver Text

House Number Signs - Perspex Acrylic On Stand-Off Fixings

Sometimes the more simple the sign, the better the effect. The Photo below shows a simple Black and White "Number 17" on a completely clear panel. This gives the appearance of the numbers and text floating in mid-air away from the brick wall yet the high gloss of the Perspex Acrylic gives it an extra dimension.

Classic house number on stand away brackets

Simple But So Effective

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