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Built-up Tray Style Factory Signs

A Built-up alluminium or Alluminium Composite Tray Sign looks good, Modern, Sturdy and lasts for years.

A range of material finishes are available and some of the best lookinig are with a Brushed or " Butler" Finish

Example of factory signage

Fabricated from a flat sheet and folded to make a tray with a 50mm return

Buttler Finish (Brushed Alluminium) with Mirror Finish Panel and Text

The use of different material finishes can have a dramatic effect. With the addition of stand-off locators this sign has a wonderful 3D appearance without the cost of Built-Up 3D letters.

Factory signage in Derby

A "No Frame" simple cheap sign but a missed opportunity with the windows!

Internally Illuminated Tray Sign

This sign is a fabricated from a single sheet of Buttler Finish Alluminium Composite Material (Dibond) with Laser-Cut Logo in Perspex Acrylic set inside the face. The tray is mounted onto a fabricated backing panel that carries Flourescent Tubes. Tthis gives the effect, when lit of a halo around the Logo.

Internal illumination signage - brushed aluminium

Halo Effect Logo

Internally Illuminated Light Box Sign Sign

This sign gives good value for money, is simple to maintain with a yearly check of the internal flourescent yubes and electrical fittings. Essentially an alluminium box with a sheet of Perspex Acrylic mounted in the front to form the Fascia Panel, it can have a range of materials and finishes for the graphic element. The cheapest is to have Vinyl Graphics but your Sign Maker should explain other options if your budget allows..

Large internally illuminated box sign

The Standard "Panatrim" Box Sign - Excellent Value For Money!

Shimmer Signs

These Specialist Signs consist of hundreds or thousands of 25mm diameter metalic faced discs painstakingly placed one at a time in the shape of the required graphic design. They move or shimmer in the breeze and give a wondeful moving effect to the right design!

Shimmer signs in production

An example of Flames done with Shimmer Signs - Each disc placed by hand.

Panatrim Perspex Sign

This sign is a simple but effective Alluminium Frame with a Perspex Acrylic Panel slid into the frame and either Vinyl Graphics or Flat-Cut or Built-UP Letters attached to the panel.

A Standard Perspex Sign in Panatrim Frame

You should regularly look at your existing Signage and Marketing Products and make sure that you are not being left behind. A complete overhall of your Corporate Image is a positive step to increasing sales and profits!

Don’t let your potential customers off the hook! – Place your sales messages strategically for impact.



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